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True-to-original models that show the original in every detail are the dream of many modelers. However, production is complicated and often associated with high costs. 3Dforyou now makes it possible to come up with such masterpieces with significantly less effort thanks to the most modern 3D construction processes and 3D printing technology.

For example, engine dummies or cockpit instruments for flight models are created according to your ideas. Exactly in detail and in the desired scale. We construct a 3D file from the original based on photographs or drawings, adapted to your application.

This forms the basis for the subsequent 3D printing as well as a high-quality surface design, which we also offer.


Scale model making 

"Received my pilot today.

Great. Face, clothes, glasses and shoes are all great. "

Karl-Heinz V.

From the idea to the finished product

Step 1

The original

At the beginning of every project there is usually an original, of which a true-to-scale model is required. Such as a radial engine that was used in a historic airplane.

Step 2

The research

There are photos, drawings or technical manuals for the original that you already have or have yet to be obtained. We will be happy to support you in this and work with you to collect all the details for the replica.

Step 3

The 3D construction

We use the research data or 3D scans to create a true-to-scale 3D design. This is detailed step by step and the design is coordinated with you before it is then printed. At this point we will advise you which 3D printing process is best suited for your project.

Step 4

Preparing for 3D printing

After the creation of the 3D construction, we take care of a production-optimized file. If prototypes are required for series production or preliminary tests, we will be happy to create them for you.

Step 5

3D printing

Step 6

After approval of the final design and preparation of the data, the actual 3D printing takes place. Batch size 1, but also series production or subsequent post-production are possible.

The finished product

As soon as the printing is finished, a quality control is followed by the final assembly and a surface treatment. The article will then be sent to you well packaged.

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